Just a few random thoughts from the first few months.

  • Holy crap, pregnancy fatigue is real.  Tiredest I’ve ever been.  It is a rare day when I don’t take a nap.
  • And it doesn’t help that I can’t seem to get comfortable and fall back asleep at night.
  • Very little nausea and no vomiting, hooray! Though the aversion to ALL foods makes it tricky to eat anything anyways.
  • In case you ever want to prove to yourself how strong your willpower is, stop drinking caffeinated beverages cold turkey.  And then continue it for several months.  Yes, I did that.  No, I don’t intend to be 100% caffeine free the entire 40 weeks, I just figured the first trimester was most important to abstain.  We will see how long it lasts.
  • My hips and back hurt.  Already. That’s not what I was expecting. Oh boy.
  • My first pregnancy purchase for myself was a Snoogle.  Yep, that giant body pillow thing that seems to be all the rage.  I really didn’t think I would buy one – mainly because there isn’t much room in our bed – but I am SO glad that I did.  Though sleeping is still not fantastic, it is SO much better with the support/comfort of the Snoogle.
  • Acne.  Its back worse than when I was a teenager.
  • You know how the tabloids like to call out everyone who touches their stomach as pregnant?  Well, it’s kind of a real thing.  Maybe I did it before and just never realized it, but I feel like I touch/put my hand on my stomach all the time even though there isn’t really a visible bump there.

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Thanks for all of your kind words on our announcement!  We are totally thrilled, and I am also totally thrilled to have this new space to share baby and family related things with you.   I threw together a post with answers to some of the questions that we’ve gotten, so here goes!


When are you due/how far along are you? I am due January 12th, and I’m about 19 weeks along.

How/when did you find out? Well.  I was pretty convinced that once we started, it would take a few months (at least) to make things happen since I had been on birth control for over 10 years.  But obviously I was wrong.  So, believe it or not, it was not me that first thought I should take a pregnancy test, it was the husband.  Not that I didn’t know that I was late, but it wasn’t that late yet, and I just wasn’t convinced because it was only our second month trying and I didn’t have any horrible symptoms.  So, long story short, I took a pregnancy test one day when the husband got home from work (well, two actually because I wasn’t confident that one type was better than another so I got both) and it came back positive. We both found out at the same time, which was perfect because I think I would’ve gone crazy all day if I took it, found out, and then had to do something to pass time while waiting him to come home

Are you going to find out if it is a boy or girl? Absolutely.  I applaud the people that wait to find out, but I just wouldn’t be able handle it.  I just want to know!

How have you been feeling? Aside from the horrible fatigue and aversion to any type of food in the first trimester, generally good. I definitely get tired more easily, and my hunger is definitely starting to pick up, but other than that and some general aches and pains, nothing too bad.  (I am very thankful that I had no vomiting (knock on wood!) and very little nausea. Those were two things that I was definitely dreading.) So far so good!

Will you be blogging about baby things on Brownies and Zucchini?  Nope.  Well, I guess I should say it will not be the focus, I can’t guarantee baby won’t show up over there from time to time. That is why I created this blog though.  H&P won’t be 100 baby focused, but it will be more family and general life focused, which right now means it’ll be pretty baby focused. B&Z will stay food focused. Even though I won’t be posting directly on B&Z, I will still try to link over to this blog every so often so that people that are interested know when I post new content.  (You can also just subscribe to this blog and then you don’t have to worry about missing posts! 🙂 )

How did you tell your parents? So, here’s the thing.  Before you get pregnant you see all of these awesome and creative baby announcement posts and get all excited about planning things and coming up with something awesome when your time comes around.  In reality, during the first part of pregnancy you are tired, and don’t feel great, and are trying pretty hard to keep the secret in the first place.  So, as much as I wanted to come up with some kind of extravagant thing, we just ended up telling them one night when we were over for dinner.  Nothing fancy, but it did the trick, and of course they were just as excited as they would’ve been if I had planned out some giant reveal.

Will you be doing weekly baby updates? Probably not.  I haven’t been doing them up until now, so there goes the first 19 weeks.  I definitely want to do some kind of every so often baby updates, but they will likely not be every week, and I don’t know that I will follow that typical format of how big is the baby, how much weight did you gain, do you have stretch marks, etc.

Any other questions for me? I’ll try my best to answer them!