Pregnancy style is a weird thing. Your stomach gets bigger of course, but your boobs get bigger too. And while a bigger stomach is something that is you can cover up – and everyone thinks a baby bump is adorable – the boobs are another situation.  A neckline that covers up to your ears is not cute on anyone, but cleavage is a dangerous thing.  Sometimes a happy medium is hard – especially when you are trying to look cute for a nice event, but also trying to look fashionable and classy.

Hayden Panettiere’s dress from the 2014 Emmy Awards on Monday was stunning.  I want that dress.  And somewhere to wear it.  And the confidence and style to pull it off.

Hayden(Source) Click the image to get a better view.  Also check out the source link for video of Hayden where you can get a better view of her dress.

She is so gorgeous rocking that bump and the classy cleavage.


I can’t believe I’m halfway there! Since we are (hopefully) finding out the sex of the baby later this week, I thought it would be fun to do a post with a whole bunch of gender prediction quizzes and see what they seem to think baby will be.

Well, that seems pretty overwhelmingly girl, doesn’t it? Check back later this week for the final answer! (please baby be cooperative so we can find out!)

I get asked all the time if I’m hoping for one or the other and I honestly don’t have an opinion either way! I want one of each eventually, and it doesn’t matter which comes first. There are things that I’m looking forward to with both genders, so really I don’t have a preference for the first.  Really.

Anyone have a guess about which it will be? Stay tuned later this week for the reveal!