(Yes, this post is quite a bit later than her actual 7 month birthday, but the photos were taken around that time, and the information is all relevant to that time…even thought I didn’t get around to actually writing up the post and editing the photos until almost a month later.)

7 Months!

This month Baby A really started to get into and learn how to eat real food.  So far (fingers crossed!) she is loving every different kind of puree that she has tried and knows now that when she is in her high chair with a bib on there is likely food coming. Much different from when we started and she didn’t really get what she was supposed to do with the mush that was in her mouth. She is still doing well with the bottles too.


We are just transitioning from the 6 month clothes to the 12 month clothes.  Some of the larger 6-12 month clothes still fit, but very soon we will be completely in the larger sizes.  She is still in the size 3 diapers.  She isn’t growing quite as quickly as before, so I have a feeling she will be in these sizes a little longer – although now that it is that weird time of year that it could be 90 degrees one day and 60 degrees the next I’m having a hard time buying things until I know that it is for sure cooler weather and just trying to make some of the larger Summer clothes last a bit longer.


She is still rolling all over, and is getting better at sitting on her own.  She isn’t quite there yet, but with a prop behind her she sits pretty well.  She isn’t really showing many signs of wanting to crawl though.  Even when she is on her stomach, she just kind of pivots or rolls to reach whatever she wants to get.


6 Months! Baby A is half a year old.  It is Summer and she was born in the Winter.  Craziness.  This month was a big one, milestone wise.


She is still eating pretty well.  In addition to her bottle, this month she started eating some “real” food! Though, I would use the term “eating” loosely since she eats maybe a tablespoon or two in about half an hour.  We started with some purées to get her used to the whole concept of eating from something other than a bottle, and she doesn’t love it but she is ok with it.  Hopefully once she is able to eat a little more solid of food it will be more fun (and tasty) for her.

She is still sleeping well also.  She sleeps for about a 7-8 hour stretch at night, which we are definitely thankful for.


She is currently wearing 6/6-9/6-12 month clothing.  (as well as a few of the smaller 12-18 month outfits as well.  I have a feeling that within the next month she will be out of the 6 month size and in to the 12 month size.  She is now wearing size 3 diapers, which I think she will be in for a while.


She is now rolling and rolling and rolling over.  Front to back and back to front. She almost never is just chilling on her back anymore, she prefers being on her side much more, and often naps like that during the day.  Another big milestone: she has teeth! Well, they aren’t entirely in yet, but her bottom two front teeth are definitely there.