(Again a few weeks late with the post, but better late than never!)

9 Months!

Baby girl still loves to eat.  She is starting to really master the solid foods now that she has 5 teeth! We are starting to eat the thicker puréed foods, and still loving the thinner ones.  Really there hasn’t been anything that she has not liked (knock on wood!) so I hope that continues!  We started trying a sippy cup, but she doesn’t really get how to drink out of it yet.  She can hold it and bring it to her mouth, but then she just chews on it.


She sits up well on her own now, and is starting to crawl a bit, too. She doesn’t crawl on her hands and knees, but more of an army style crawl. She is getting good at standing while holding on to something, and really wants to do that pretty much all the time.


Baby A is still in 6-12 month sized clothes, but growing out of some of the smaller ones.  She is fitting well into some of the 12-18 month clothes now as well.  Still in size 3 diapers too, but we could probably move up to size 4’s at some point soon.


She has also definitely started to notice whether we are paying attention to her or not.  Most of the time she is pretty goo about playing on her own sometimes, but if she is tired or hungry she starts to get pretty cranky when we leave the room.

8 Months! (Again, written up several weeks late, but the pictures were taken pretty much on time!)

Food and bottles are still going well.  She is still very much into solid foods.  If only she would get some more teeth so that she could have some thicker/chunkier food choices! We have tried lots of different pureed foods now though, and she hasn’t really rejected any! (knock on wood!) Hopefully she will be a less picky eater than I was/am.


She sits up on her own pretty well now.  If there are things around her that she could run into that are hard, I still put something soft behind her, but it takes quite a while of her sitting for her to fall over. She sometimes gets on her hands and knees like she might start to crawl, but not that often.  She would much rather roll and shimmy around to get to whatever she wants.  She also really likes to stand while holding onto either our hands or the side of her crib.  She can’t quite pull herself up to standing on her own yet, but I think that is coming soon.


Baby A is still in size 6-12/12 months clothes for the most part.  There are some smaller 12-18 month sized clothes that she is wearing now as well.  It has been a bit of an adventure figuring how different brands fit her – as with normal adult clothing, different brands run differently.  She is still in size 3 diapers, too.


(as you can see by the slightly blurry images, it’s pretty difficult to get a good photo of her just sitting in one spot these days!)