Some random thoughts from the second part of the second trimester (Weeks 21-27 weeks) (Find the first part here)

  • Starting around week 20-21 I am definitely feeling baby kicks!  Usually pretty sporatic though.
  • Beginning of week 22 and the kicks are becoming more regular and more at a time.  Still nothing hard enough that could be felt from the outside though.
  • We started planning/working on the nursery!
  • We also started making a registry. I feel like I change my mind about things every other day, but hopefully it will be solidified soon!
  • I thought I was so lucky not to have any pregnancy related digestion issues.  And then that luck changed.  I still think it isn’t as bad as it could be, but Tums (the minty ones) have come in handy a few times.   The indigestion seems to be its worst when I’m going to bed, especially if it’s after I eat chocolate or fried things. Boo! (don’t worry, I’m still eating chocolate, just not quite as much, and not in the evenings)
  • We finished our baby registry! It actually was more difficult to do than I thought it would be.  I guess I didn’t realize that there were 800 options for so many things, and so many things that seem like they are optional but of course someone swears by them.
  • Week 23 I’m starting to feel kicks from the outside on occasion.  She is definitely more active at certain times of day.
  • I’ve been trying my best not to buy too many things yet, but I’ve been on a bit of a clothing buying spree since we found out it is a girl.  Really it is because we sell some super adorable things where I work.  Oh, and a friend recently introduced me to BabyGap…and their sales make things much more reasonable priced!  But I’m not buying pretty much anything in newborn/tiny sizes – there is a bunch of that on my registry, and they just grow out of things so quickly early on, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on adorable things that they will probably only wear once.
  • We emptied out the room and started painting the nursery! Well, I should say, my dad and husband started painting the nursery.  I’m trying to keep it simple, and so far so good. I totally failed to take “before” photos though, oops! (Nursery update post coming soon!)
  • I may be the only person in the world who is actually kind of happy that my feet got a bit wider and fatter with pregnancy.  Some of my shoes fit better!

I’m not going to pretend that I think I’m super fashionable, but I do enjoy shopping and feel like I know “my style.”  Finding maternity clothes that fit my desires was a bit of rough task.  Well, at least rough in terms of the fact that I didn’t want to spend lots of money on clothes that I would likely only be wearing for less than a year.  There are some SUPER cute maternity clothes out there, if you have an unlimited budget. Also of note: this post is long and lots of words.  So if you aren’t interested in what maternity clothing I like and dislike, I don’t blame you for not reading.


The first piece of maternity clothing that I felt I really needed was pants.  (I’m assuming this is a similar situation for most people.)  Most of my shirts still were fitting alright, but there was no way I was fitting into my normal jeans without feeling completely squished the entire day. When it comes to maternity jeans there are several varieties – the ones that are basically just jeans with an elastic waist band (these), ones that have partial tummy coverage (these), and ones that go all the way up (these).  The first ones I bought were the elastic waist band type.  At the time they seemed the most comfortable, and reasonably priced.  (I think I found a pair at Target for around $25)  Those worked for about a week until they stretched out and didn’t stay up anymore since the waistband was below my growing belly and I have no butt or hips to hold them up.  After that I opted for the full coverage.  I was lucky and found I pair that I love at Kohls on the first trip. It seemed a bit excessive at first to have a large extra panel of fabric, but now I love it.  They stay up, and they are SO comfortable.  I now have a pair of capri length, bootcut, and skinny jeans.  (They are all the Oh Baby! by Motherhood line with the Secret Fit Belly from Kohls. I also didn’t buy a single one at full price, which pretty much is a rule when buying anything from Kohls.)

I tried to make my non-maternity tops last as long as I could.  I really wanted to make my current wardrobe work as long as I could, so I went through every week or so and got rid of (by that I mean sorted to either donate, or put in a box to be stored) a few items that were definitely not working anymore.  There are actually still a few larger sized non-maternity tops and tunics that I still wear and work pretty well. Particularly a Pure + Good Long and Lean Tank that I bought on sale at Anthropologie in 3 different colors (I believe they were around $20 each on sale, of course they aren’t there anymore) close to the beginning of my pregnancy because it was big and flowy and hid my tummy when I wasn’t telling anyone yet, but also had plenty of length and width to grow with me.

As far as maternity tops go, its been pretty hit or miss as far as sizing, and things that are more interesting looking than a plain colored t-shirt. (Luckily, I don’t have to really dress up for work, or I’m guessing I would have an even more difficult time finding things!) I do have several plain t-shirts that I’ve gotten at Target and Old Navy.  I prefer the Old Navy to the Target, only because I’ve gotten some t-shirts from Target that either are shrinking in the wash, or not long/wide enough to fit me much longer. And it kind of seems to be random, I have some that are still good, I have some that appear the same but are soon to be too small.  Old Navy tends to run large, but I guess I’d rather have something a little big that I know will fit me for the next few months than something that I wear only a few times because I grow out of it quickly.

Other than the three stores that I already mentioned (Kohl’s, Old Navy, and Target) there is one other place that I have bought maternity clothes – with mixed results – Destination Maternity. Destination Maternity has its own brand, but it also includes the Motherhood Maternity (lower end) brand, and A Pea in the Pod (higher end) brand.  We actually have a Motherhood Maternity store in town, but it seems to be slim pickings for sizes, and I haven’t heard great things about the quality. (especially considering it is generally more expensive than Target or Old Navy) I ran across an awesome online sale at Destination Maternity where I scooped up maybe 10 pieces of clearance clothing that were not only on sale, but also buy one get one free! I don’t think any one piece that I bought ended up being more than $30, most of them were $10 or $20, and some of them were regularly priced up to $100! Some of my favorite pieces are from that haul – Splendid 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck Coin Pocket tee, Pea in the Pod Luxe Essentials leggings, and Pea in the Pod Scoop Neck Colorblock Maternity Long Sleeve Tee.


(Celebrity pregnancy style that I wish I had. (source) (source) (source) )

As far as bottoms go – besides the jeans that I already mentioned – I also have been wearing leggings with dresses/tunics. (and I have a feeling this will be more of a staple as the weather gets cooler) I have some from Old Navy, Target, and Pea in the Pod.  The order that that is written is lowest to highest price – and the reverse order of how much I like them.  The ones from Old Navy may be the cheapest, but since they are are much more cotton based than the others, they don’t stay up as well, and I just think in general they don’t fit as well.  The ones from Pea in the Pod are definitely my favorite.  I currently have them in brown and a darkish grey.  They have much more stretch to them which makes them more comfortable, and they are longer than the others which is great for someone with long legs like me.

I’m still on the lookout for good sales on maternity clothes of course, but I think I have a pretty solid selection right now. (Though, I should probably get a Winter jacket that actually zips, I’ve been using my old one unzipped for now, but once there is snow and below zero temperatures, I should probably have something a bit warmer) The next maternity shopping experience will be when I have to buy fancy clothes for baby showers and holiday parties….but I guess I will tackle that project when I get there!