Well, this update is a bit overdue, but better late than never, right? Here are some random thoughts on my last trimester of pregnancy.

  • Funny how at 30 weeks I feel like my belly is so big…and then I realize I still have 10 weeks to go.
  • Things are still going strong with pretty normal work hours at 36 weeks.  Only one week and then Christmas will be over and my work will slow down significantly.
  • Christmas week was busy and tiring between work and family things.  Definitely feeling the third trimester fatigue.  Naps are my friend.
  • I feel like I have about 3 items of maternity clothing that still fit me. Super frustrating to feel like I need to buy new clothes with only about a month left.
  • I know sore feet are pretty standard at this point in pregnancy, but it appears I’ve actually developed tendonitis in one of mine.  While I know it is definitely not the worst thing that could happen at this point, it is rather annoying and frustrating.  So far, ice and decent shoes are what I’ve found help keep it manageable.  Lets just hope it goes away after baby is born.
  • Funny how six months ago I was so in love with my maternity jeans and how comfortable they are.  Now, even though they do still fit, I’m sick of them.  Sweatpants are much more comfortable.
  • Its a good thing that being 9 months pregnant is a valid reason to postpone jury duty because having to sit through that at 39 weeks pregnant would’ve been miserable.
  • I go back and forth several times a day about whether I am ready, or would like to get 800 more things done before the baby comes. But generally I think we have everything we need and are as ready as we can be at this point.
  • I feel pretty thankful that my work is flexible so I am able to go in for just a few hours at a time each day instead of working the whole 8 hours.
  • I’m at the point in pregnancy where it is difficult to pick things up off the ground, put on my socks and shoes, etc, and it is so frustrating.  Up until the last couple of weeks I’ve felt large, but still able to do most things, so not being able to do day to day tasks like those are really annoying.


Some random thoughts from the second part of the second trimester (Weeks 21-27 weeks) (Find the first part here)

  • Starting around week 20-21 I am definitely feeling baby kicks!  Usually pretty sporatic though.
  • Beginning of week 22 and the kicks are becoming more regular and more at a time.  Still nothing hard enough that could be felt from the outside though.
  • We started planning/working on the nursery!
  • We also started making a registry. I feel like I change my mind about things every other day, but hopefully it will be solidified soon!
  • I thought I was so lucky not to have any pregnancy related digestion issues.  And then that luck changed.  I still think it isn’t as bad as it could be, but Tums (the minty ones) have come in handy a few times.   The indigestion seems to be its worst when I’m going to bed, especially if it’s after I eat chocolate or fried things. Boo! (don’t worry, I’m still eating chocolate, just not quite as much, and not in the evenings)
  • We finished our baby registry! It actually was more difficult to do than I thought it would be.  I guess I didn’t realize that there were 800 options for so many things, and so many things that seem like they are optional but of course someone swears by them.
  • Week 23 I’m starting to feel kicks from the outside on occasion.  She is definitely more active at certain times of day.
  • I’ve been trying my best not to buy too many things yet, but I’ve been on a bit of a clothing buying spree since we found out it is a girl.  Really it is because we sell some super adorable things where I work.  Oh, and a friend recently introduced me to BabyGap…and their sales make things much more reasonable priced!  But I’m not buying pretty much anything in newborn/tiny sizes – there is a bunch of that on my registry, and they just grow out of things so quickly early on, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on adorable things that they will probably only wear once.
  • We emptied out the room and started painting the nursery! Well, I should say, my dad and husband started painting the nursery.  I’m trying to keep it simple, and so far so good. I totally failed to take “before” photos though, oops! (Nursery update post coming soon!)
  • I may be the only person in the world who is actually kind of happy that my feet got a bit wider and fatter with pregnancy.  Some of my shoes fit better!