I’ve always been a fan of the “gallery wall” concept.  I have one in my craft room that I add prints and postcards and things to all the time. (someday maybe it will be organized enough for me to show it to you.) I love how it looks a little random but also put together at the same time.  When I envisioned making a gallery wall in the nursery, I thought about the same idea.   A variety of different frames, prints, and other hanging things.  I was inspired by Cassie’s post on Back to Her Roots about how she did her nursery gallery wall in an inexpensive and unique way. (here)  I had big ideas of a wall filled with things in all different sizes, shapes, and media mostly DIY and thrifted.  Then, the months flew by, and I realized how little time I actually had to do things, and how small the room was.


My gallery wall ended up smaller than I was originally thinking, but I still really like it.  There still is some room to make it bigger, so that might happen as I find more thing to add to it.


Details about the things on the wall:

The frames are all from Michaels. If I would’ve had more time and energy, I definitely would have thrifted and painted them, frames are expensive!  I also kind of wish the wall had more color – colored frames, or brighter colored prints.  It is across from the striped wall with the bunting though, so the room does have some color in it.

One of the first ideas that I found, when I started thinking about what the nursery would look like, was this image of an organized closet.



Since our nursery is rather small (other people disagree with me, but I think it is small) I felt like optimizing our closet for storage was necessary in order to have more space in the room.  Unfortunately I don’t have any “before” photos of the room, (blogger fail, I know) so you will just have to imagine how the closet started out.  It began with one hanging bar and shelf, as well as (heaving and annoying) large sliding doors.

The first thing that we did was paint the inside of the closet.  We used Valspar paint in Paradise Sky in an eggshell finish.  We also painted all of the trim (which was wood grain) white. (More precisely Frost from Clark + Kensington is the color we used)

The image that I found was just on a page with other closet inspiration, so there weren’t any details of how it was put together.  After searching several stores for fixtures and ideas, we eventually found things at a few places that worked together.  The main shelving and hanging unit is part of the Easy Track system that we found at Menards.


The curtains are from Target. (similar to these) They are hung on a bar that is behind the wood panel on the top of the closet.  To tie them back, I am currently using some random silver ribbon that I had around the house which can be hooked onto two silver-looking Command hooks on either side of the closet.

The grey bins with elephants on the inside are from HomeGoods (as is the large grey bin with elephants underneath the hanging clothes that will be used as a laundry hamper) and the smaller teal woven bins are from Land of Nod. The purple fabric bins are from Target, and the small teal fabric basket is actually from the See Jane Work collection at Office Depot. Finding bins that were the correct size, and that I liked, was probably the most difficult part of the project.  Partially because our closet is small so when it is divided in half there isn’t much room, and partially because I am just picky about what I want.  I really wanted it to be all symmetrical and matching with perfect sizes like in the photo, but when I realized that it would be more difficult that I thought to even find things that would fit, I kind of gave up on that idea and went with an assortment of sizes and colors.


Overall I think it turned out really well, and the space is definitely being used more efficiently than it would’ve been if we had left the closet as is.