I’m a knitter.  One of the things that I most enjoy knitting are baby hats.  Hand knit baby hats are a staple of my baby shower gift giving.  In fact, I enjoy making them so much that I have a bit of a stash built up.  One of the reasons that I enjoy making those little hats is that they are fairly quick, and fairly easy to customize with different colors, stripes, patters, etc.  Yes, I have made a hat (or five) for Baby Nigl, but I wanted to make something that would take a little more time and energy, too.  Baby blankets are one of those things that I feel like either seem like a boring, simple, pattern, or they seem super complicated.  I searched Ravelry for patterns, and didn’t really find much that I really liked.  Then, I looked through the Vintage Knits for Modern Babies book, and found a potential project: Wavy Cashmere Blanket.  I still wasn’t sure it was easy enough for me to get done in time (note to self: next time maybe start knitting more than two months before baby is due) but I had some yarn that fit the project, so I thought I’d give it a shot.


The yarn that I used was Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Whisker and Lilac Mist, and Knit Picks Cotlin in Surf.  I already had some of all of those yarns on hand, so even if the project didn’t end up working out, I hadn’t just gone out and bought a bunch of new expensive yarn for it.  (Side note:  I am a huge fan of Knit Picks yarn. Knit Picks Comfy Sport is what I use for baby hats pretty much all the time, and I really like how soft it is and the color variety – not to mention it is fairly inexpensive.  The downside of course is that you have to order it online.)


Once I had gone through the pattern a few times, I knew it was a winner.  The pattern is only 4 rows long, and really only one of those rows needs attention paid to.  It was just the intensity of a project that I wanted.

For the first 3/4 of the blanket, I really enjoyed it and it seemed to go by pretty quickly.  The last few rows though, seemed to last forever! I swear I measured the length of the blanket 5 times before it was actually close to what it was supposed to be.

I really like how it turned out though!

I had a hard time figuring out what I would put above the crib on the striped wall. I felt like it needed something, but I didn’t want it to be anything heavy or large.  I came across a pattern for a knit bunting and it was perfect! The pattern I used was basically the pattern from this post on Nallies House. (here)

I ended up using random yarn that I had around (well mostly, until I had to re-order some so that I had enough to complete the project) so the varieties aren’t exactly the same.  The darker teal is Knit Picks Gloss in Kenai, the lighter teal is Knit Picks CotLin in Surf, the darker purple is Knit Picks Comft Fingering in Lilac, the lighter purple is Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Lilac Mist and the grey is Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Whisker. (I <3 Knit Picks yarn.  I use it for pretty much any baby project that I am making.)bunting1

The pattern was fairly simple.  Just the easy, but needed some attention type of knitting project that I had been looking for. I originally thought I would just do three colors (purple, teal, and grey, but I decided to give it a bit more variety and add a lighter purple and lighter teal as well. To fit the size I wanted, I ended up making three triangles of each color.


The string that connects them in the original pattern is crocheted, which I wasn’t sure that I would do since I don’t really know how to crochet, but I ended up teaching myself just that one stitch and it worked great for the string.  I used grey and teal yarn for that, since it will be hanging over dark purple stripes I didn’t want to go too heavy on the purple.


I’m really happy with how it turned out!