(at least it isn’t posted as late as the 10 month update?)

Baby A has been eating more finger foods.  Aside from her normal “crunchies” (aka made-for-babies type if finger foods similar to cheerios and cheetos) she has started to eat other real foods like cheese, eggs, banana as well.  She also now has 8 teeth, so I’m more comfortable with her eating foods that she has to chew a little bit before swallowing, rather than just counting on them at least partially dissolving before she tries to swallow them.


She sits, stands, and crawls well, pretty much all on her own now.  She crawls up on all fours too, and is getting faster by the day.  She still pulls up on anything and everything she can, whenever she can.


She somehow still fits into a lot of her 6-12 month clothes, but is more and more in 12-18 month clothes, and even some 18-24 month clothes.  She is also solidly now in size 4 diapers.


This month she has started to investigate her toys a lot more.  She loves to shake things, and bang things together or on something else. Also, as you can tell by the photos, this was the month that she became much harder to wrangle! If she is not in some kind of enclosed space, she will crawl all over until someone comes and catches her.

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