Better late than never, right? Ha!

Baby A looooves food.  She is getting better at finger foods by the day, and loves to eat anything she can get her hands on.  She still doesn’t understand the sippy cup or straw cup yet though.  She would much rather just use it to chew on the straw or to play with.


She is doing well at standing and crawing! She still tips over sometimes, but she is getting more confident with standing, and will try to stand next to anything that she has the chance to. Still isn’t fully crawling on all fours either, but she gets around with that army crawl just fine.10months2

Baby A is in a mix of 6-12 month clothes and 12-18 month clothes.  At this point at least I feel like I know which brands tend to run smaller or larger.  We are using up the last of our size 3 diapers, and then she will move to size 4’s.



She is still a really happy girl, but is also starting to get more of a personality.  She plays well on her own for a while, but once she gets bored she lets you know.  She is really starting to enjoy taking things out of a bin or basket – she is a good “helper” when folding laundry.

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