5 months!

As I’m pretty sure I have said every month, time is flying!

She is still eating and sleeping well.  Although she is much more distracted while eating, which makes it a bit challenging to hold a bottle in her mouth while she is frequently turning the other way to look at or listen to whatever just made noise, or happened.  She is sleeping about a 7 hours stretch at night, which is great.  I still don’t love getting up at 6 or 7am, but it is much better than 5 or earlier!


She is still wearing 3-6/6/6-9 sized clothing, and all of it is fitting her well now.  I mentioned in her 4 month update that she has a lot of pretty Summery clothes that I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to wear, but she has gotten to wear some of those! Between days that it has been really warm here, and the few days that we spent in North Carolina, we definitely needed those to keep cool.  She is still in size 2 diapers, but I think the next time we buy more, it will be the next size up since the size range of those is a bit larger so she definitely won’t grow out of them before we use them all.


She is still big into smiling and “talking.”  She has rolled over (front to back, and back to front) a handful of times, but does not do it consistently.  She rolls over from her back onto her side all the time though, so I have a feeling it is coming. She also chews on her hands and drools all the time.  So maybe she is teething? Or maybe she just has now learned that using her mouth is a good way to explore new things. (This is what our pediatrician told us is the more common reason why young babies drool and stick their hands in their mouths constantly.)


This month Baby A took her first plane ride! (Well, technically her first 4 plane rides.)  All went as smooth as I could have hoped for, but it was definitely much more exhausting and challenging traveling with a baby!


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