It is kind of amazing how time seems to be going so quickly even though the days sometimes are long!  She is still eating and sleeping well. She sleeps about a 6-7 chunk hours at night and is usually awake for the day at 7am.  That is still earlier than I would prefer to be awake, but I know it could be a lot worse, so I feel pretty lucky.  It also helps that she is almost always super happy first thing in the morning, so it makes it easier to wake up.


Another month, another clothing size! She is now wearing 3-6/6/6-9 month clothes.  A lot of them are kind of big on her though, so I have a feeling she will be in them for a while – which would be good since those are the sizes of all of her Summer clothes. (It is going to be Summer weather some day, right?). She is still in size 2 diapers, and they are fitting her perfectly so hopefully we have a little bit until we move on to the next size of those.


Smiling and making “talking” noises is the name of the game these days.  She also is chewing on everything – including and especially her hands.  She also loves her Indestructibles books, and sitting up in her Bumbo Seat. (those are affiliate links)


This month Baby A met her other Great Grandma for the first time, went out to a restaurant to eat (well, she didn’t eat) and she is really close to rolling over – both front to back and back to front – and we celebrated our first Mother’s Day. (and made these fun footprint canvasses)



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