Two months!

The second month was better than the first, but with new and different challenges – which I feel like is going to be a common occurrence month after month.  Baby A is still eating and sleeping fairly well.  Still about 3 hours in between feedings, though we are trying to stretch a few of those out at night if she isn’t already awake.


She is all in 0-3, and 3 months clothes now. (Carters 3 months fit her the best with a little room to grow)  She is now in Size 1 diapers which seemed so large at first, but when you look at the weight guides on them she should’ve already been in them.  Maybe she is just longer and leaner than many babies so they large at first even though according to her weight they should’ve fit her? We have tried a few kinds of diapers and I think Pampers are what we are sticking with now.  None of them seem to be able to 100% contain her giant poopy diapers, but those seem to do the best job.


She started to smile this month! She particularly enjoys it when people are talking to her, and she also will smile just randomly when she is having fun hanging out on her activity mat, or in her crib.  She also is awake a lot more. Fortunately when she is awake she is usually happy – unless she is hungry – which is nice.  She really likes to just hang out and look around at things.


She is getting more and more interactive by the day.  People, toys, everything around her is interesting and she loves to just look around and take everything in.

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