I’ve always been a fan of the “gallery wall” concept.  I have one in my craft room that I add prints and postcards and things to all the time. (someday maybe it will be organized enough for me to show it to you.) I love how it looks a little random but also put together at the same time.  When I envisioned making a gallery wall in the nursery, I thought about the same idea.   A variety of different frames, prints, and other hanging things.  I was inspired by Cassie’s post on Back to Her Roots about how she did her nursery gallery wall in an inexpensive and unique way. (here)  I had big ideas of a wall filled with things in all different sizes, shapes, and media mostly DIY and thrifted.  Then, the months flew by, and I realized how little time I actually had to do things, and how small the room was.


My gallery wall ended up smaller than I was originally thinking, but I still really like it.  There still is some room to make it bigger, so that might happen as I find more thing to add to it.


Details about the things on the wall:

The frames are all from Michaels. If I would’ve had more time and energy, I definitely would have thrifted and painted them, frames are expensive!  I also kind of wish the wall had more color – colored frames, or brighter colored prints.  It is across from the striped wall with the bunting though, so the room does have some color in it.

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