We’ve gotten some work done on the Nursery in the past few weeks (see our inspiration here) but it has been kind of slow going – as I feel like any home project is. Is it just me, or do most home projects take much longer than anticipated? However: We have paint colors, and plans for painting the walls, and have started painting.  We’ve also started making the closet a more organized and functional space.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any “before” photos (blogger fail) so you’ll just have to imagine.  The room started off all an off-white color with a medium-brown wood trim around everything.


The image above is obviously not the entire room, just a section so that you can get an idea of the colors and pattern.  The closet is painted a teal color with white shelving. (That is on the left of the image) There will be some kind of baskets on the shelves that will be purple, grey, teal, or some combination of the three colors.

The left wall will have thick vertical purple stripes – that is the side where the crib will be, and that will be white. (That is on the right of the image)

All of the rest of the walls will be white.  The right wall will have a variety of framed things on it, and that is also where the changing table will be.

My current dilemma:  What kind/color/shape/size of rug? Originally, I thought we would be doing grey stripes, so I was thinking a purple rug.  Now that we are doing purple stripes, I feel like a purple rug might be too much purple for me.  So….grey? Teal? I’m thinking a solid color, but maybe a pattern would be more fun?  Since the one wall is striped, maybe stripes? I feel like chevron, or another more intricate pattern would be too much with the stripes on the wall.  Here are some options I’ve been looking at:


I like the colors in this one, but I’m not sure about the pattern.



I like the color of this one, and I like that it is shag – I know you can’t tell that from the image. But will I regret buying a shag carpet when the time comes to clean it?



I actually really like the pattern on this one (and the grey color) if it was in a room by itself, but because of the stripe pattern on the wall, I’m afraid it’ll be too much.

So, what do you think?  Grey or Teal? Or multi color? Help!


  1. Lynne
    Posted October 21, 2014 at 6:53 am | Permalink

    I think you should go for a plain colored rug or carpet, especially if you are going to have patterned bedding and eventually colorful or patterned artwork on the wall. If you have bold patterned bedding AND flooring, it might look too busy in the room. Whatever the primary bedding color is going to be (did I hear grey?) could then be the solid color for the carpet or rug. Grey is a nice neutral color that goes well with many color schemes. As your baby gets older, you can change the bedding colors/prints a lot easier than repainting and less expensively than changing the carpet and get a whole new look to the room. I vote for solid grey.

  2. Posted October 21, 2014 at 9:33 am | Permalink

    I pretty much ditto everything that Lynne already said. 🙂

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